May 4, 2009

Having fun riding a buffalo, Sapa, Vietnam

Location: Red Zao farm boy at Sapa, Vietnam (22° 21′ 0″ N, 103° 52′ 0″ E)
Date: 4 June 2005; 11.15 am
Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens

There are many minorities living in the central and north of Vietnam. Among them, the Hmongs are the more populous; however there are also a sizeable populations of others such as Red Zaos in and around Sapa. Most of them are still farmers though tourism has opened up economic opportunities for them (also see this article). Life in the farm is still pretty simple for them; and most of them still like it that way. Well, at least one can learn to ride a buffalo at a very young age.

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Travel Professionals said...

wow, nice candid shots..

fufu said...

i think you should correct the tittle of India to Vietnam =p i am planning my trip to hanoi too =P only visited saigon 2yrs ago

Dirk said...

Interesting text. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!

workhard said...

Hey thats kinda nice.. i will think twice before sitting on a buffalo with such big horns..

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