July 19, 2009

Mount Tawache & Cholatse among the giants of the Himalayas

Location: Lobuche, Khumbu, Nepal (27° 57′ 34.2″ N, 86° 47′ 23.8″ E)
16 May 2000; 7.15am
Camera: Canon EOS 500N(analogue) on slides and scanned

Some parts of the Khumbu valley are like moonscape especially closer towards Everest. Glaciers had scarred the landscape for centuries and rocks, boulders and moraine are scattered over wide areas. In between, giant snowy mountains peek out of the landscape such as Tawache (6,501m) and Cholatse (6,440m) which towers over the village of Lobuche in the above photo. However, the landscape of the region had changed tremendously in the last few years as a result of global warming. Recently I saw some photos of the Khumbu area and was shocked at how bare it had become- the glaciers had retreated and the landscape is brown, no longer covered by snow/ice.

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