May 22, 2010

Lausanne Cathedral, Switzerland’s foremost Gothic building

Location: Lausanne Cathedral, Switzerland (46.52256° N, 6.635249° E)
Date: 15 March 2006; 8.15am

Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens
Lausanne, the home of the International Olympic Council is also the home of one of the most beautiful Gothic structure in Switzerland, the Lausanne Cathedral. Construction of the cathedral began in 1175 and in 1275 it was consecrated by Pope Gregory X. However till today, it remains unfinished- restoration is still going on. The interior of the cathedral is relatively austere, with only some choir stalls, a huge pipe organ and a beautiful rose window. The huge Gothic rose window is the most noticeable structure of the whole cathedral, though its towers and spires are also imposing and visible from a distance.

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