June 11, 2010

The world’s largest train station, the Grand Central Terminal, New York, USA

Location: Grand Central Terminal , New York City, USA (40° 45′ 10.08″ N, 73° 58′ 35.48″ W)
Date: 18 February 2006; 4.25pm
Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens

The Grand Central Terminal, more popularly referred to as simply, The Grand Central is a major landmark in New York. It has been made popular by appearance in innumerable movies and was one of the “must-go” places on my New York visit. It is supposedly the largest train station in the world by the number of platforms. It certainly does not feel that huge, compared to those of India and China. However I guessed the main reason for that is that the most visible part of the station is the concourse where the ticketing booths and cafes cafe located. The platforms and tracks are actually “hidden” away on different levels and by doors; whereas tracks and platforms in India are all visible. There are now so many buildings around the station that one can easily missed the station unless one specifically looks for it. These days, one of the most distinguishing sights in the station (concourse) is the huge American flag hanging from its ceiling- this was hung a few days after 9-11.

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Wanderer said...

Oooh, love the people in the pic! Splendidly captured!