September 23, 2010

Notes in memory of 9-11 victims, New York, USA

Location: New York City, USA (40° 43′ 0″ N, 74° 0′ 0″ W)
Date: 10 February 2006; 4.15pm
Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens

This year’s 9-11 commemoration had become a little more controversial with the stupidity of some obscure pastor trying to make a name for himself and his (very small following) church. Furthermore the issue of the Islamic Centre near the 9-11 site had been politicized by politician unnecessarily. This is a far cry from the spirit, unity and general outpour of goodwill towards USA after the 9-11 bombing. I just hope that future commemorations are not hijacked by such divisive issues again.

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