November 18, 2010

China is rebuilding Tibet’s transport infrastructure at a frantic pace

Location : Tingri region, Tibet, China (28° 34′ 0″ N, 86° 38′ 0″ E)
Date : 28 April 2003; 8.25am
Camera : Canon G1
Tibet is developing so fast that it is quite mind boggling. Billions are poured into the province’s transport infrastructure with the headlining rail connection to Lhasa. Apart from that, China is building the world’s highest airport at Ngari (base to explore Mount Kailash), airport in and extension of the Lhasa rail line to Shiigatse. It is also expanding and improving the road network in the province. Few years ago the road between Lhasa and Shiigatse was a single lane bitumen road; now it is a 4-lane highway! However most of the roads in Tibet are under-utilized. It is not unusual to be on one of these roads for 20 or so minutes before encountering another vehicle. Most of the constructions connecting the major centers are undertaken with heavy machineries but some of the lesser connections are invariably still mainly built by manual labour, with little heavy machinery. This photo was the norm as far as road construction is concerned about 8 years ago- men and womenfolks using shovels- and is still the same in the smaller town connections.

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stain said...

i feel sympathy towards the people of tibet look at the contrast of the two photos tibet and beijing why china has neglected the region so much even women are daily wage workers.
thanks to tourism that people in the hills make a life f that and tells the story through such genius travellers and photographers
ones again thanks to genius WONG