May 26, 2011

I want to go to Everest Base Camp again!!

Location: Rhongbuk Monastery (5,100m), Tibet, China (28.194N, 86.829E)
Date : 27 April 2003; 10.25am
Camera : Canon G1

I always wanted to go back to see Mount Everest, either the Nepali or Tibetan (Chinese) side. Going to the Base Camp from the Chinese side has become much more easier in terms of transportation and access, but the problem now is in fact access to Tibet. I just applied for a visa to visit China and to my horror, instead of just one page of form to complete, I have to fill 7 pages now!! And unlike in the past, this must be accompanied by airline bookings (this was introduced just before the Olympics but was never taken off since). Travelling into Tibet is now ever more strict. Chances of getting in without a TTP and getting away is rather difficult as there are now numerous checkpoints and the guards are more vigilant. Perhaps I should try the cycling option next time- I think they are less likely to check cyclists- as long as one dressed more Chinese-like, and of course, have to look Chinese.


PhotoVigor said...

Yeah, the problem with a communists country.

whoisnell said...

i stumbled upon ur pix via a friend's comment on fb.. very impressive.. ^*^

Mist Eliminator said...

Beautiful post and pic as well