July 9, 2011

Railway operations the old-world way- Malaysia’s KTM in Singapore

Location: Bukit Timah KTM Railway Station, Singapore (1° 20′ 3″ N, 103° 46′ 52″ E)
Date: 29 June 2011, 5.35pm
Camera: Canon 400D with Sigma 17-70/f2.8-4.5

Most independent travellers to Malaysia who have been to destinations other than the main cities would have take a ride or two on Malaysia’ railway run by KTM. In fact most travellers traveling to Singapore from Malaysia would have taken the train ride into the city-state because of its convenience- the journey terminates right at the Tanjong Pagar Station in the heart of the city, at the edge of the Central Business District (CBD). Well, that is no more as the two countries implemented a landmark agreement that resulted in the moving of the terminus station to right at the border between the two countries. As a result, rail travellers will find it less convenient to get to the city from the new terminus station. Alongside the ending of the KTM route within Singapore is the discontinuance of a couple of old-world railway operations that were still practised in Singapore by KTM. This includes the exchange of key token (as pictured) between the train driver and station master, bestowing the authority to the train to enter into the next sector of the railway track. This is a safety measure designed to prevent head-on collisions as the entire route is on a single track. On top of this is the disappearance of the manually operated signalling system.

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