March 5, 2012

Ama Dablam- the beautiful and masculine mountain is everywhere

Location: Tashinga, Khumbu, Nepal (27°50'3.35"N 86°44'31.18"E)
Date: 11 April 2000; 2.45pm
Camera: Canon EOS 500N (analogue) on slides and scanned

The Khumbu region where Everest is located is packed full of snow-capped mountains- be it the highest summits in the world or well-known climbing peaks. However no other mountains has a more imposing presence in this region, at least all along the Everest Trek, than the mighty Ama Dablam. Standing at 6,812m it is not considered a high mountain, at least not around here, but it can be seen virtually everywhere along the trek. It is such a masculine mountain that it is unmistakable looking from any face. It is also one of my favourite mountain.


Davide Petilli said...

Beautiful image!
That cloud on the top on the mountain makes it look like a volcano.

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The Everest region is full of exciting regions to visit. The sites are lovely to watch.

Wedding Photographer said...

Wonderful image!
That reasoning on the top on the hill creates it look like a volcano.

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Linda said...

A stunning, amazing photo!

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Cold and excitement to watch the clouds closely is quite different experience.

Pedro Paz said...

Very nice Work

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