December 2, 2016

I have changed!!

Photo Details: Singapore, Dec 2016

Yes! I am a changed man.
I have changed to using Sony instead of Canon. I have used canon since I started taking photos and have a small collection of Canon cameras (both film and digital) and lenses. I was looking to upgrade from APS-C to full-frame and when I looked around, Canon did not impress me with their conservative approach to technology and photography. On the other hand, Sony is simply pushing the envelope in terms of incorporating awesome new technology that helps take better photos, into their new line of  mirrorless cameras. Sony is just challenging the status quo by putting technology into their cameras while Canon is simply mining their gold (so to speak).
I started off with the amazing APS-C size A6000. I was very impressed by its capability and image quality. After spending some time with it, I decided that Sony is the right choice to move up to; I sold the A6000 and bought the A7M2.
One of the factors that encouraged me to switched to Sony was the ability to use my Canon lenses by an adapter. Though the functionality of Canon lenses on Sony body is slightly inferior than using the lenses natively, they are acceptable compromises to me.
So far I have been using the A7M2 on only a few trips. I have yet to fully explore its capabilities. It takes a little getting used to, coming from the Canon world. However I am sure I will have lots of fun with it.

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