December 10, 2008

Sun set behind Singapore's skyline from Batam, Indonesia

Location: Singapore skyline from Nongsa Marina, Batam, Indonesia(1°11'47.04"N 104° 5'52.71"E)
Date: 16 February 1996; 7.10pm
Camera: Minolta Compact

Batam is part of the Riau Island group of Eastern Sumatra. It has benefited tremendously from its proximity to Singapore with many companies based in Singapore setting up factories on the island. It also has many beautiful beaches, especially in the north of the island, rivaling some of the best of Asia. As such it is also a favourite weekend getaway for Singaporeans, who come to enjoy the beaches and the cheap and abundant seafood. It is so "Singapor-ise" that prices on the island are quoted in Singapore Dollars and are only marginally cheaper than in Singapore. The island is also well-known as a "mistress haven" where Singaporean men keeps Indonesian mistresses and only visits them during the weekend.

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