January 22, 2010

Colourful prayer flags, a Tibetan heritage

Locations: Prayer Flags, Ganden Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet, China (29° 45′ 28.8″ N, 91° 28′ 30″ E)
Date: 13 August 2007; 11.0am
Camera: EOS 300D with kit lens

Prayer flags are an integral part of Tibetan Buddhism. It is not found in other branches of Buddhism, hence there were speculations that it is a Bon tradition. Buddhist mantras are written on these flags and when they are blown and flutter in the wind, goodwill and compassion are delivered by the wind all over the land. Prayer flags are some of the most common sights in places that have significant Tibetan culture such as Tibet, parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan. There are commonly strung up in high places such as mountain passes as well as sacred sites such as monasteries, lakes and so on. These prayer flags are quite attractive to look at as they are normally very colourful.

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Australia Immigration Service said...

By viewing the flags of Tibet,you are reminded to prayer for the welfare of people, and to be mindful of the motivation to be kind, compassionate, and joyful throughout the day.