January 14, 2010

Pretty rice terraces at Tegalallang, Bali, Indonesia

Location: Tegalallang, Bali, Indonesia (8°27'0"S 115°17'0"E)
Date: 21 May 2001; 2.10pm
Camera: Canon EOS 500N (analogue) on slides and scanned

Ubud is a major tourist attraction in Bali as it is its cultural centre. Ubud is also well-known for its huge collection of handicraft and furniture outlets. Tegalallang is just a few kilometres outside Ubud and is well-known for a different reason- its rice terraces. There are not too many terraces here- they are all over Bali anywhere- but the ones here are rather picturesque compared to the rest, mainly due to their closeness (or narrowness of the terraces) and their steepness as they cling to the hillside as opposed to others in Bali that are rather flat. Depending on the month one visits Tegalallang, the rice terraces can be either lush green or yellowish. A popular way to see these terraces is to rent a bicycle and cycle to the terraces around here. Otherwise, the more spectacular ones such as the photo here, are still easily seen from the roadside, from a car.


Amit said...

thats one of the best pic in your blog..you have taken it from an interesting angle..its vry pretty..thanx for sharing..

Anonymous said...

I'm truly enjoying your photos. My friend just loves Bali, I have yet to go there. Maybe one day...