March 26, 2010

Frontal view of Dafo at Leshan, Sichuan, China

Location: Leshan Dafo, Sichuan, China (29° 32′ 50″ N, 103° 46′ 9″ E)
Date: 17 April 2003; 11.25am
Camera: Canon G1

Dafo at Leshan (乐山大佛), not far from Chengdu is the world's tallest stone-carved seated Buddha figure. It is none of the more popular tourist destinations in China, partly due to its easy access and proximity to Chengdu. The giant carved Buddha had suffered from the effects of pollution from the industries established around the region and is consistently being maintained to ensure that the damage is controlled. This is a view of the Buddha that is seldom seen by most visitors- they normally hang around the temple and cafe near the top, side and bottom of the statue. However one can catch a boat to Dafuba, the sand spit/island on Minjiang River, right in front of the statue.

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