July 26, 2010

San Francisco’s famed cable cars

Location: Filimore Street, San Francisco, California, USA (37°48'18.18"N 122°25'31.58"W)
Date: 19 September 2006; 2.20pm
Camera: Canon Canon 300D with kit lens

3 things come to my mind when it comes to San Francisco (SanFran)- Silicon Valley, Golden Gate Bridge and Cable Cars. At first sight, it seems that the cable cars of SanFran are made for tourist, but in fact they are built as a matter of necessity. The streets of SanFran are so steep that it is often a struggle for smaller cars and a tram is not likely to be able to make it. That’s why cable cars are used for city transport. Currently there are 3 operating lines criss-crossing the city- they are a convenient and not-too-expensive means of transport. The cable cars are well-known as they are prominently featured in many movies which use SanFran as the setting.

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