October 26, 2010

Ancient roofs of a remote Dong village, Guizhou, China

Locations: Zhencong, Guizhou, China( 25°54'30.67"N 109°11'43.82"E)
Date: 17 April 2005; 8.15am
Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens

Guizhou is a treasure trove for travelers who enjoy experiencing ethnic diversity. Even though the province does not have as many different ethnic groups as Yunnan, it is less developed due the landscape- hilly and not-as-good transport links. Therefore the ethnic minorities in this province are more “genuine” in their practices and lifestyle; whereas in many parts of Yunnan, many of the ethnic practices are staged for tourists. The ethnic minority in this province is dominated by three large groups- the Zhuang, Dong and Miao. The Dong are most well-known for their Drum Towers and majestic Wind and Rain Bridges while the Miaos are known for their festivals, diversity and their signature stilt dwellings. Many of these villages are now popular tourist destinations though there are still some gems that are well-hidden- too difficult and convoluted to visit. One example is the Dong village of Zhengcong which is a small village surrounded like an island by a stream with beautiful surroundings and houses. The villagers still practice their own custom and go around their business in their traditional costumes. It is one of those places where you will not find a guesthouse or anything close to it.

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