January 21, 2011

Indiana Jones would be proud of this…… Passu, Pakistan

Location: Hussaini Village, Northern Territories, Pakistan (36°25'25.26"N 74°52'54.78"E)
Date: 2 July 2007; 9.15am
Camera: Canon 400D with Sigma 17-70/f2.8-4.5

Apart from trekking the Karakorum Mountains, one of the most amazing experiences in Pakistan is crossing the suspension bridge across the Hunza River from Hussaini Village to Zar Abad. This rope bridge is long and un-maintained, missing a few planks. There are actually two bridges; the old one was broken and hangs in tatters right next to the current one. Crossing the bridge is quite a challenge, not only because of its condition, the length and the quick flowing river underneath but also the precariousness due to its shaking by strong winds brought by the flowing river. However to the locals, this is their only means to cross the wide river and they cross it as if walking on land, without much of a blink of the eye. There is another suspension bridge across the river slightly further south- better condition but just as scary. Apart from the sense of adventure, one can also enjoy the fabulous view of the Passu Cathedral (mountains in photo) from here. This place is highly recommended and is a “must-go” for anyone travelling the Karakorum Highway.

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stain said...

actually this part of pakistan is not pakistans it is called POK Gilgit and baltistan are parts of greater ladakh and shares a common language and culture with ladadahis in Indian portion of kashmir