January 31, 2011

New York is special

Location: Time Square, New York City, USA (40° 45′ 27.83″ N, 73° 59′ 8.55″ W)
Date: 9 February 2006; 8.15pm
Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens

Generally I dislike visiting cities when I travel. I only stay in cities when I cannot avoid it; exceptions are historical cities with immense history and heritage such as Beijing, Delhi, Rome, Florence, Paris and so on. However I enjoyed my time tremendously in one city with lesser historical heritage- (by comparison) New York. I guessed I felt familiar with the city due to seeing some of its sights while watching American TV programs and movies. However the city is so vibrant and full of life that it is absolutely fun to wonder around. In fact it is very unique with its rich blend of variety of peoples, languages and cultures. One observation that really struck me when I visited the city about 5 years ago was the prevalence of Spanish language and the influence of the Latino culture. I mean, I realize that there is now a huge Latino population in America, but I was absolutely unprepared by the reality and extent of the demographic shift of the country (I saw the same while visiting San Francisco). I have been following the TV program, CSI New York and saw many more interesting bits of New York that I did not see the last time. I want to go back there again!

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California, USA said...

Very popular Time Square. I heard a lot about it.