November 20, 2011

Land of the Great Outdoors- NZ

Location: Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand (43° 35′ 44.69″ S, 170° 8′ 27.75″ E)
Date: 27 May 2009, 8.40am
Camera: Canon 400D with Sigma 17-70/f2.8-4.5

New Zealand is blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, within a small area. Hence it is very easy to enjoy the diversity of sceneries without travelling too far away. This results in, perhaps, a nation with one of the most outdoor-oriented citizenry. Everywhere one turns, there are opportunities to engage in the great outdoors, be it mountaineering, skiing, fishing, hiking, canoeing, you name it. No wonder a country with such a small population excels in so many sports, as evident by the number of world beaters in so many disciplines- rugby, sailing, canoeing and so on. Of course, not forgetting Edmund Hillary. In fact, Mount Cook or Aoraki (see this post) is where the first conqueror of Qomolomgma or Sagamartha or Mount Everest (to the layman) hone his alpine skills.

The accessibility of such wonderful pristine landscape is also one of the reasons that NZ is such a favourite destinations for many travellers. One need not be a mountaineer or outdoor specialist to get close to some of the most amazing landscape or wilderness.


wedding photographers laguna beach said...

Wonderful, never had a chance to visit New Zealand in winter. Really serene.

stepper said...

The best time to visit is summer when all return back to life. It's a great place to be. Beautiful shot

devincard said...

The best time to visit is summer when all go back again. It's a good way to be. Wonderful taken

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