March 16, 2009

Typical scenery in Ngaungshwe villages, Myanmar

Location: Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar (20°39′N 96°56′E)
Date: 19 December 2000; 3.15pm
Canon EOS 500N (analogue) on slides and scanned

Nyaungshwe is a small village north of Lake Inle of Myanmar and is the hub to visit the lake and surrounds. When I visited the village in 2000, it was a very small place of a couple of thousand people, no more. I am sure it has grown a lot now with Lake Inle being a major tourist destination in Myanmar now. It was a village with farming as the major activity then. The village is very much a water-borne village and the main mode of transport is by boats. The people are extremely friendly as is the most of Myanmar. Ordinary Myanmese who speaks English are very keen to engage foreigners in conversation to learn about the outside world and what they know and think of their country; this is because generally they are shut out of the world by one of the most repressive military dictatorship/regime in the world. As was discussed in one of my earlier post, I have no love for the Myanmar military junta but do not support tourism boycott of the country.

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