September 5, 2011

Nope- this is not Africa- this is Rome!

Location: Rome, Italy (41° 53′ 24.61″ N, 12° 29′ 32.17″ E)
Date: 2 April 2005; 3.20 pm
Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens

Rome is a city filled with surprises everywhere one turns. Apart from the huge number of churches and fountains, there is history everywhere. Beautiful sculptures adorned every other buildings and undoubtedly most of them would have been from a very early age. If one does not record down what and where, there is simply no way of remembering what one sees in the city. I think I saw this elephant head sculpture at the front facade of a boutique hotel but then I just cannot be sure- there are so many beautiful sculptures at every corners!!

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Excellant. Such sculpture are more found in European and Scandinavian countries. I love such works with a vintage look.