September 7, 2011

A temple atop a chariot from ancient times- India

Location: Vittala Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India (15° 20′ 6″ N, 76° 27′ 43.2″ E)
Date: 29 November 2005; 1.30pm
Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens

Hampi in Karnataka should be a destination on every visitor to India. It is an atmospheric village strewn with huge boulders traverse by a river. It is both scenic and strange at the same time. Perhaps the most famous of the ruins in Hampi is the Vittala Temple with its iconic stone chariot, which has been adopted as its symbol by the Karnataka Tourism. The chariot resembling a ratha (or temple chariot) in which temple idols are taken out on traditional processions, is actually a miniature temple. Contrary to popular legend, it was not carved from a single rock. Regardless it is still an amazing piece of ancient art- complete with four round stone wheels.

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