August 3, 2008

Beautiful Sunset over the Pacific at Santa Monica, USA

Location: Santa Monica beach, California, USA (34° 1′ 5.99″ N, 18° 29′ 25.01″ W)
Date: 3 September 2006; 7.25pm
Camera: Canon Canon 300D with kit lens

Santa Monica is probably considered as part of Los Angeles. Anyway LA itself is so huge that I believed SaMo is probably regarded as a city of LA County. Whatever it is, LA is so huge that it is rather difficult to see the place at all; so my visit there was mainly concentrated in SaMo. I have to say that it is a very pleasant place to spend a couple of days with some nice beaches and fabulous sunsets. It is also a fun place to hang out with great holiday atmosphere.

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Paz said...

You capture the sky so well!