April 23, 2008

Angels and saints, Bidadari Cemetery, Singapore

Location: Bidadari Cemetery, Singapore (1°20'18.77"N 103°52'15.06"E)
Date: 12 March 2004; 6.35pm
Camera: Canon 300D with EF50/f1.8 lens

Bidadari is a defunct cemetery in Singapore. It was Singapore's third cemetery, opening its doors on 1 January 1908 with sections for Muslims, Hindus, Singhalese and a large section for Christians of different denominations.

Like everything old and ancient in Singapore, it eventually succumbed to the voracious appetite for development and then simply disappeared. The cemetery was closed in 1973 and was slated to be redeveloped for public housing and other facilities. The exhumation of an estimated 143,000 graves was started in 2001 and completed by the end of 2006.

Bidadari used to have many elegantly carved tombstones especially in the Christian sections. Sculptured tombstones adorned with angels and saints were quite common sights.

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Sekhar said...

nice pic :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect shot! I like it!

Boaz Wibowo said...

nice place to visit...
do you know how to get there?

Wayne Pitchko said...

hmm hmm nice