April 9, 2008

Natural Abraham Lincoln profile at Dear Cave, Mulu, Malaysia

Location: Dear Cave, Gunung Mulu National Park(4° 3′ 0″ N, 114° 56′ 0″ E)
Date: 12 November1995; 3.20pm

Camera: (analogue) Canon EOS 500N on negatives and scanned
Dear Cave is one of the caves within the Gunung Mulu National Park situated in Sarawak, East Malaysia on Borneo Island. The National Park's enormous limestone outcroppings are littered with caves carved over millions of years by run-off from tropical downpours. Currently the most extensive cave system in the world is within the park. However the 300+ kilometres surveyed so far is suspected to be only a third of the passage that exists within the cave system. Within the park are few huge caves and karsts formations including the largest natural enclosed chamber, the Sarawak Chamber measuring 700m by 400m.

Even though most of the caves are for serious and well-equipped cavers only, there are accessible sections which are lit and tourists-friendly. The most popular caves are the well-lit and plank-walked Wind and Clearwater Caves. One of the most spectacular sights in the park is the blanketing of the evening sky by the exodus of millions of bats from the Deer Cave as they leave to look for food at sundown.

The Mulu Caves is rather inaccessible- the only practicable means is by flying to/from Miri. Otherwise it is a whole day ride on the river. It is much easier and probably cheaper to sign up for a package trip online or from Miri.

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