April 3, 2008

Sun setting on Half Dome , Yosemite

Location: Yosemite National Park, California, USA (37°43′18″N 119°38′47″W)
Date: 14 September 2006; 7.15pm
Camera: Canon IXUS IZoom

Yosemite is supposedly one oft he most popular national parks in USA. I guess one of the reasons is due to its easy access from the major population centres of California. I was surprised at how big the park is and how inconvenient trying to get around if one does not drive. It is quite unlike my experiences and perceptions of National Parks/Reserves elsewhere where there is really limited traffic and the only means to get around is by hiking or on boats; I supposed the size renders that impractical. Furthermore allowing traffic opens up the park's beauty to more people rather than only the fit and determined.

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