April 28, 2008

Hiking at sunset at Palmwag, Namibia

Location: Near Wilderness camp, Palmwag, northwest Namibia (19°52'9.00"S 13°56'8.00"E)
18 April 2001; 7.15pm
Camera: (analogue) Canon 500N with slides and scanned

North of the Huab River in remote northwest Namibia is an arid landscape of seemingly nothingness but a road cutting through it. The area is divided up into large private concessions and Palmwag is one of them.

Palmwag is quite an amazing place teeming with all sorts of wildlife within the concession including the black rhino which the camp specialises in approaching on foot. However we were there specifically to look for desert elephants.

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Micasmor said...

Great shot! And great scan work too. Is not easy to scan a slide.

Anonymous said...

Another great shot!
I must say I love your blog and pictures.

Loïc BROHARD said...

Reminds me of an overnight camping I have made there a couple of years ago... that was amazing. You might want to check my PhotoNet portfolio where I have a few photos of Namibia http://www.photo.net/photos/Loic Brohard

I am glad I found your photoblog. Really an outstanding portfolio with some stunning photo. Thanks for sharing, I will visit often.