May 5, 2008

A 100 km walking trail in Hong Kong!!

Location: Near Long Ke Beach, MacLehose Trail, Hong Kong (22°23'50.11"N114°22'5.32"E)
Date: 13 November 2004; 12.50pm
Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens

The impression of visitors to Hong Kong is a city of tightly packed sardine-like buildings with little empty spaces. Well, the territory actually has lots of greens and is well spaced out if one get out of the central area. In fact it has a 100 km walking trail that traverses some nice hills and beautiful beaches. The MacLehose Trail is really quite a gem as far as walking trail is concerned. It is broken down into 10 stages of different steepness and terrains, well signposted and very popular in the weekends. There are nice clean swimming beaches along the trail as well as some waterfalls. During the weekends many outdoor enthusiasts walk the trail and sea lovers sun bathing on beaches along the trail. The next time you visit Hong Kong make sure you make some time to discover this hidden treasure. You can visit the official website for more information on this and other trails in the territory.

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