May 7, 2008

Jackass Penguins at Boulder's Beach, South Africa

Location: Boulder's Beach, Simon's Town, South Africa (34° 11′ 20″ S, 18° 26′ 19″ E)
Date: 7 April 2001; 3.15pm
Camera: (analogue) Canon 500N with slides and scanned

This beach is at a place named Simon's Town near Cape Town on the eastern side of Cape Peninsula. It has a colony of Jackass Penguins since 1985 that has grown to about 1,000 strong. Jackass Penguins are African penguins- so-called for the donkey-like braying sounds they make when on land. Like pandas, penguins are much loved, in no small part played by their comical movements. These penguins are not shy or afraid of humans and are quite happy with humans getting close. However it seems they may have to be careful, lest they may be "raped" by other animals; just like the attempted "rape" of their cousin by an Antarctic seal (see 'Sex pest' seal attacks penguin).


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Tsahi said...

The 1st thing I said when I saw the picture was WOW...
Great picture with great colors.
Was nice to read your explanation.
(Gave it 5 stras) said...

Thanks for your really fantastic photo. wow! amazing! I am filling lucky.
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