June 2, 2008

Cattle enjoying the morning sun, Colac, Victoria, Australia

Location: Near Colac, Victoria, Australia (38°22'14.01"S 143° 9'35.58"E)
Date: 22 May 2008, 8.20am
Camera: Canon 400D with Sigma 17-70/f2.8-4.5

The area around Port Campbell National Park where the famed 12 Apostles is located is one of the best dairy farming area in Victoria. It has rolling hills reminiscent to similar dairying areas of NZ. I was not so lucky with the weather when I drove along the Great Ocean Road to take in the sights but bad weather has its own awards such as the rising sun behind rain clouds here. I will be following up with a write up on travelling the Great Ocean Road soon.

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Wanderer said...

I love dramatic weather photography. Australia seems to have alot of these dark clouds with sunshine at the end kind of landscapes. Fantastic!
Just came back from there eh?... Or *still* there?*envious*