March 29, 2008

Erotism in temples of India

Location: Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India (24°51′N 79°56′E)
Date: 26 September 2005; 7.05am
Camera: Canon 300D with kit lens

The Khajuraho temple group is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The temples are of Hindu and Jain origin, well-known for their highly erotic sculptures. There are actually many carvings around and inside the temples mainly depicting everyday life; the erotic carvings form only something like 15% of all the carvings. However these erotic depictions of various positions of copulation are what make these temples well-known around the world. The erotic carvings are all outside the temples and never next to a deity carving, leading to the interpretation that it depicts a devotee having to leave his/her sexual desires outside the temple to see or get close to a deity.
I was told by Indians that Khajuraho is a honeymooner favourite- I wonder why? Incidentally the few photos of these carvings in my flickr collection are some of my most viewed ones.

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Anonymous said...

well honeymooners would get some inspiration from the sculptures, and it would be arousing too. for the arranged marriage brides the groom might be suggesting the acts he'd like to do :) just my wild guesses

raoharsh said...

kindly don't mis interprete the Hindu culture nowhere says nudity allowed but artists were given liberty actually these are not temples but picnic spots .

you would not find god statues there.
i am hindu but its okay what world perceives but i nevr say if jesus was painted dining on dining table .i dont think dining tables were invented those early times .very late it were designed by french for russian czars. butyes painter painted with imagination this has nothing to do with credibility of the almighty,jesus. same is here even most temples biggerthan pyramids were destructed by moghuls andmade mosques.ok we didnot revolt we are weak peaceful but what christianity doing muslims made europe such weak babies of age 10 years drug affected who would save world from cruelty.they are issues which need care now .anyway ifi offeneded you pardon me. truth is truth india was richest evennow is richest ,her elive worlds 17 % people and worldhave 195 . why all attacked india proves that it is a country whom all knows have stuff. whateever is indian sells like anything. even then i hate my countrymen butyesmotherland i can die for 99999999999 timesand last time also iwould say sure lets fight. people kings erased history manipulated i am from forefathers of kirshna lord we rule dindia for 5000 years .but then too i want to leave india but i knownowherei get peace i wouldlove to die even in dung of india because its pure what if culture or peole turned bad still the motherland remains same.i salutemy motherland infinite times pardonmotheri criticis eindians allover world they dontknow thelovei have for themnoone can do butyes they cannotlisten my bitter truth .truth is truth .its arise from goddess justicia.
god flush this world with truth please idont lov lies. aanytime if anyone wants t free advice or tips look i have no commercial interests anyoone can askme iwouldnervr ask u to buy from me anythingi dont sell evenarts inevr need to earn or can sell knowledge its for general welfare andmy state consistes of world hinduismsays "yurguest your god"youwouldhear utit alloverindia ha hahbut then also cheats , beware buyer, its worlds smartest race.they know to read minds andi am theone.they speak sweet look i hate them seriously so i dont want becausethey kille dmy motherland nowi dont pray anygod .oneday willchangeworld forbetetr not culture but valuesi want allcuntrieshavei dontwant kidsof eruoepe die drug addict or indian or any child weeps .itsmyduty to help weak beit hindu christian buddhistor muslims but yes i hvae 100 % loeve for females only,i am senstive they too aere but some use slangs dirty ones even when i speak so respectfully.strangebut then i respect their cultrure.culture of woods .sameher eindia too dirty words .anyway wish u greattrip

raoharsh said...

compare my west friend compare indian do arrangemarriage sbutyou do dating marrying levaing girls whentheyhave babies .
thisis sin.eveninchristianity.
itsnot liberty.yes indianmen dont divorce much butnow estern influx andiwould say more disatrousthan the west.anyway i hate indians iwant you too do it.if u loveone day u will see .
alsoi say no human is sweete rthan indians .indians have such behaviours friendshly nowhereinworld seen.
anywayiwoudlsay it sa differentplanet and what isindian it sell.
so india will nevr die.itsworlds biggestmarket and recession dontn have any much effects.we buy things cash.we buy food for years we savemoney for generations.lot difference.wemarry for 7 lives .
anyway if any human sfindindians bad i cant say .you ar elieberal analyse yourself and then indians but after when you know some indiansn.or their families .judgingpeole is a bad phenomenon when you dontknow then.yes howmuch i hate mycountrymen but i cannot listen bad formy countrymen afterall itsmy soil.
andi am not half blood thisbloodgnese arise from 5500b.c.king yadu,
it is dense even dotn trust reincarnation but you fantasy in castles vampires halloweens santa clauss can fly in sky butnotihindu gods great,thisis yourtolerance.isit not truth what i say but still ilovemore jesus . i know thisthingindiasis oldestcivilization and india wouldbe thelast.