March 31, 2008

How to stretch your travel $$$ further in Europe

A good website with lots of information on how to travel- accommodation and transport- cheaply in Europe.

Eurocheapo has very good reviews of budget hotels all over Europe. Such reviews are written by its editors who normally turned up unannounced at these places. There are also good information and guides on transport options over the whole Europe. On top of that the site also has a blog that provide great tips and information on European destinations on everything that is of interest to travellers. Of course, one can book the hotels and airlines from the same site. I like the site because of the independent hotel reviews, tips, useful information and the ability to book accommodation online at these small budget hotels that one might otherwise unable to.


Carin said...

Many people are unaware that their employee benefits usually has some travel insurance included. Before buying travel insurance, check your group insurance to see if you have coverage, and if so, how much. If this isn't enough for your needs, supplemental top-up travel medical insurance is very affordable, and way cheaper than buying a whole new travel insurance policy.

Peter said...

When I was on holiday I suffered an accident and was trying to find out if I can make a personal injury claim. My problem is that the injury happened when I was on a quad bike safari. I didn't mention this when I applied for my travel claims insurance. I didn't actually know at the time that we would be doing that kind of activity. Does it affect whether or not I can claim?