March 19, 2008

A prayer for a solution to the Tibetan issue

Location: Butter Lamps at Jokhang Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet, China (29° 39′ 11″ N, 91° 7′ 53″ E)
Date: 12 August 2007; 7.35pm
Camera: Canon 400D with Sigma 17-70/f2.8-4.5
I have been to Tibet several times in the last few years and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there in all those occasions. Apart from the sceneries, I enjoyed the exoticness of the place, the friendliness of both the Tibetans and Han Chinese especially the hospitality of the Tibetans. Of course there are unpleasant encounters with the Tibetans, Huis and Hans but there are more good experiences than bad ones that I can remember.
It is therefore with heavy heart that I read and see what is happening to Lhasa and Tibet in general. While I emphasize tremendously with the feelings of the Tibetans with regards to their cultural erosion and perceived economic deprivation in their ancestral homeland, I also feel for the enormous risks and sacrifices of the migrant Han trying to eke a living in a different environment. Similarly while I sympathize with the lack of avenues for Tibetans to express their grievances and opinions, taking it out on the generally innocent Han migrants is inappropriate.
At the end of the day, the Chinese government will need to seriously analyse and consider the circumstances surrounding this latest serious outburst rather than simply and conveniently labeling it as another splittist attempt by the so-called "Dalai clique". Facing up to the problem is definitely the start of a solution. I am afraid on his passing, China may come to regret for not reaching an arrangement with the current Dalai Lama, only to face a more militant and violent advocate/movement for more Tibetan space.

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Wanderer said...

It is indeed sad, and in fact, I was surprised that it had come to violence! The Chinese government's actions will shape important parts of history, and I can only hope for the commoners' best (though my heart is heavy).

Micasmor said...

From the little part of world where I live, I can easily understand tibetan people. Being invaded by a foreign power is not easy to accept. If the foreign power wants to impose its culture over the own culture, it's hard to accept. Too hard.
In my oppinion, chinese goverment is acting with tibetans like every colonial power: first military occuping a land, second looking down on the culture and people invaded, third imposing its own culture promoting immigration of chinese people to Tibet. Fourth, if tibetan people revolts again this situation, tibetan people are the bad guys and chinese people are the good guys. A very hypocritical attitude from chinese government.

Daniel Wallenberg said...

Hey you have some really great photography yourself:) !! If you like we could exchange recomendation links for eachothers blogs;)?

Danny, Sweden

P.s thnx for your comment

yusrihashim said...

i like the arrangement of the candles and make it as a pattern..nice job..:)