March 4, 2008

Pretty Miao sis at their Sister Meal Festival

Location: Sister Meal Festival at Shidong, Guizhou, China (26°40'11.24"N,108°18'14.10"E)
Date: 24 April 2005; 4.55pm
Camera: Canon 300D with kit kens
Miao (or Hmong- also see this post) is a fascinating group of people with many different traditions that they still practice today. One of the most popular and colourful festivals is the Sister Meal Festival which is celebrated in the spring, normally in mid to late April. The festival used to be one of the only occasions where boys meet girls with both sexes dressing up in their best to attract the other sex. Well, it is no longer that but still the festival is being celebrated with gusto. A good article on the festival is here -it is also a good guide on how to get around enjoying the festival independently. To me, it is probably one of the best minority festival I have been to in China.

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